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Celeration ABA Experience

At Celeration we care. ABA is just the methodology we use, our families experience much more than high-quality services, accessing personalized treatment from experienced clinicians when booking sessions.

We offer personalized ABA in home, school, and daycare settings with scheduling flexibility, on-demand support from a BCBA, and individually crafted goals. We upgrade the way you get ABA.

Teacher and kid
1. Your Personal BCBA

Our BCBAs have the advantage of working with only 1-3 families at a time, so they can give your family the personalized attention you deserve. You get access to services that aren’t available anywhere else.

2. On-Demand Communication

We don’t communicate like most ABA companies. There aren’t 5 different departments to call for different issues. Contact your personal BCBA anytime. Seamless communication matters when your family is involved.

Student Participating in Online Class
Teacher with a child.
3. Individualized Care

We don’t use “cookie-cutter” ABA and set goals for your family based on similar families we have seen in the past. Everything we do for our families has been individualized to suit their specific needs.

4. Flexible Virtual Meetings

We understand the modern world. Sometimes the flexibility of a virtual meeting is preferable and we are always flexible to the needs of our families.

Father and Son in Bed
Happy Family.
5. Family Support

We consider your whole family to be our clients. Our BCBAs use their experience in family coaching to allow you to be as involved and effective during ABA sessions as you want to be.

6. Assent based ABA

We take client assent seriously. We always work with families to understand client likes, dislikes, signs of assent, and signs of assent withdrawal during ABA sessions. Our number one goal is to have a happy and engaged learner during session.

Teacher and Student Playing.
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